Favorite Folders list reverts to default after closing and restart



I have been using Outlook Favorite Folders for years with no problems. But I
have just built a new PC and installed a new copy of Office 2003 and moved my
old PST file to the new computer.

I had added several folders to "Favorite Folders" but every time I close
Outlook, and reopen it the only folders in Favorites are "Inbox, Unread Mail,
For Follow-up and Sent Items".

The Folders themselves and the email within them are not lost; they can be
found in the Folder List, but they just are missing from Favorite Folders
which is, as you can imagine, extremely annoying.

Any ideas what may be happening?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

the xml is getting rebuilt each time you open outlook. Is Outlook closing
properly? If not, the xml isn't saved.


Why are you working Christmas Day? :)

I found your post about the .xml file after I had posted. So I did delete it
and restart Outlook and the problem was resolved.

However, I know have another small problem. If I add a folder, say Folder1,
to Favorites it does stay after closing and reopening, but instead of simply
being labelled Folder1 it is labelled Folder1 in Personal Folders. This is
telling me something, but I am not quite sure what.

I'm guessing the "in Personal Folders" is added to resolve ambiguity when
the folder isn't in the default PST file, but this one is, whixh is what
makes it strange.

Any ideas on this one?

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Correct, it's added to resolve ambiguity and there is no way to change the
display name. Do you have more than 1 personal folder or another mailbox?
The folders from your default message store should not have anything more
than the folder name.


I only have one .pst file. But here is what I am guessing happened. When I
installed this office, I copied the PST file from the old computer to this
one. I'm guessing I did that at the wrong time, or somehting like that, so
that although this is the only one, it's not the default PST file.

So here is what I think I really should do.

1. Rename my current PST file to uptodate.pst
2. Create a new Profile
3. Import all the mail from uptodate.pst into the new PST file
4. Delete the original Profile.

Firstly, do you concur with this action?

If so, are there ways to do the following?

1. Export email settings of current accounts?
2, Salvage all the rules I currently have, which will obviously be pointing
to the wrong PST file?

Many thanks for your help.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

If it happened because you copied the pst, the profile is likely corrupted.
I would just make a new profile and point it to the old pst as you are
creating the profile. No need to mess with import.

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