faulty checkbox



I have 'inherited' some simple forms being used in Outlook.
I am told that they were created as HTML using Word as the editor then added
to an email by copy and paste from Word. They were then saved as .oft

I have been asked to update the content of them.

I opened the original html in notepad and updated the text that needed
changing, saved then tried to use the above process. Everything works fine
except the checkboxes cease working. when we try to check them they become
editable (ie can resize) but they will not check. I made no changes to source
only paragraph text.

Any help appreciated



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Checkboxes generally don't work in the body of HTML messages. Instead, you'd need to design a custom form that contains a check box control on the form surface, not in the message body.

Did you use the TOols | FOrms | Design a Form command to open the .oft file? If not,you may have missed some of the design elements.

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