False (?) complains about URL in HTML-formatted email mesage




I am sending email from SQL Server in HTML format.

It contains a link to a report.

When I click on the link on email, after a minute or so of hesitation
Outlook shows alert with following text:

General failure. The URL was:
"http://nareports/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?/CBA+D...". The
system cannon find the file specified.

However I know that URL is fine because:

a) I tested it by pasting into browser and
b) even after that alert IE still starts and shows me my report as
intended!! So the only problem seems to be with that alarm itself...

Any idea why it is poping up and what to do about it?



Amendment: I forwarded message to another person and it works fine on her
computer... No alerts and report is shown fast... maybe some settings on my
computer... any idea where to look?

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