Extreme Motion Blur with Samsung 2232 bw (22")



Hi all. I've recently bought an LCD monitor, I've read some top
reviews about it and made my choice about the samsung monitor. Thing
is, I get ALOT of motion blur, in windows (XP & and tried on Vista
aswell), moving the windows, scrolling down reading text, playing
games especially. This happens on all resolutions, including the
monitor's native resolution, on any refresh rate set. I've allready
tried to reinstall windows from scratch, tried at least a dozen
different drivers for my GPU but that didn't help.

Then I thought it must be a faulty monitor. Just to check it out, I
took my monitor over to my friends home, who has a system which is
about a year older then mine, and the monitor works absolutely
flawless there, no blurr whatsoever, not in windows or in games, also
the 'input lag' is almost non existant, while I seem to get quite a
noticable input lag on my pc. So I come to the conclusion that
something is wrong with my graphics card. It worked ok on my 17" CRT,
but it's just impossible to work/play on this LCD, at least not on my
pc. Another idea was that I might have a bad power supply.

My rig:

AMD Athlon x2 5600+
3 gigs Ram (they've been scanned with memtest)
Ati radeon x1650 Pro 256Mb (Not the XT edition, the regular one)
Aureon 7.1 Universe soundcard
Samsung SM2232bw LCD
3 Hard drives total 550 Gigs (2 of them are SATA drives)
Power supply: FSP BlueStorm II 400 W

I've read somewhere that the XT edition of the card requires at least
18 or so Amps on the 12V Rails from the PSU. I don't have the xt
edition, just the regular one, but I did notice my PSU only outputs
about 14Amps in the 12V Rails. Overall it's got an output power of
400W. So I don't know what to blame here. Is it possible that my GPU
is asking for more power to run the LCD? I mean the LCD has a power
supply of its own, but LCD's do work in a different way then CRT's (as
far as i know), so maybe on some level my graphic card cant keep up
with it.

Anyone got any ideas or recommendations on what is causing the
If I'm lucky enough I'll be able to borrow a GPU from a friend of mine
soon, just to do a test on my pc, see if it works etc.


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