Extracting the Time from a Date/Time Stamp



In Excel I am trying to separate a date/time stamp into its component parts
(i.e., date, day of week and time), and place the components into separate
cells so that I can filter, sort and even graph based on this information. I
have figured out how to do the day of the week but I can't figure out how to
extract the time portion of the date/time stamp. Does anyone have any
suggestions. Thanks.

JE McGimpsey

One way:

A1: 20 Nov 2008 10:32:01
B1: =INT(A1)
C1: =A1
D1: =MOD(A1,1)

Format B1 as date
Format C1 as Format/Cells/Number/Custom, "ddd" or "dddd"
Format D1 as Time

Format B1 as time.

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