Extracting MailItem from attached .msg file

Aug 28, 2014
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I'm new to this forum, and hope that someone can help with an issue I have. I'm developing an Add-in in C# for Outlook 2010. The purpose of the Add-in is to save all attached files of an email in a specified folder on the local drive. In general, the saving of attachments go well; however, as some of the attachments are .msg files, what I really want is not to get the .msg files themselves saved, but rather any attachments they have - i.e. a kind of recursive operation.

In this regard I have searched for any viable advise to how to programmatically import attached .msg files into MailItem objects - to no avail. There have been many examples around the web, but no conclusive method seems to be given. I'm very much in doubt about how this is best done, so I hope that someone here will be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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