Access Extract Hyperlink URL as String - Access 2010

May 29, 2016
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I have a hyperlink field on a form. I use it to drag & drop files into the field. Files can come from a wide variety of folders. Of course I've checked to make sure the hyperlink works and it's fine.

I need to be able to extract the hyperlink URL from the field, as text so I can manipulate it and use it to write a file back to the original folder.

I've used ever mode of HyperlinkPart but nothing give me anything except the file name.
The docs say all of these should work, but they only return the filename.
HyperlinkPart([Fake4Hyperlink], 2)
HyperlinkPart([Fake4Hyperlink], acAddress)
Application.HyperlinkPart(Me.Fake4Hyperlink, acAddress)

For example if I drag & drop a file 'C:\SourceFolder\'
I need the full path so I can import the file, do some file conversions then write the resulting file back to the original folder as 'C:\SourceFolder\Convertedfile.csv'

What am I missing??

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