extract email address from body of message and put in csv



I need a way to clean my non-profit mailing list without having volunteers go
through each returned message. I want an add-in that can search through all
the bounced back messages in an Outlook folder, extract the offending
address, and insert it into a .csv or similar so I can "unsubscribe" the
addresses in our Access database.

Anyone know of a useful resource? hopefully one that sticks to that primary
and simple job?

Thanks, Amanda

Oliver Vukovics [Public Shareware]

Dear Amanda,

we developed a freeware tool that "search" in all your e-mail folders for
the sender email address and create new contacts in Outlook, if this e-mail
address was not found in other compared contact folders.

This Outlook contact folder can be exported in a ".csv" file.

It is not 100% the solution you are searching for, but it is a way to get
all email addresses you have stored in your emails into an Outlook contact
folder and this tool avoid you to get dupes.

If you are interested:

Public Mail 2 Contact is a freeware addin for Outlook It generates Outlook
contacts from existing e-mails and verifies whether the e-mail-address does
already exist as contact in Outlook.

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR for Outlook) is a
freeware addin for Outlook, which create automatically an Outlook contact
after reply to an email.

also available on the microsoft server:

Maybe it helps

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