External USB HDD Case, PSU doesn't supply enought power



Hello All,

I've bought a Ippon External USB + Firewire case and a 160GB WD Hard
Drive (1600JB). The unit includes and external PSU which plugs into the
case with 6 pin din connector.

The components are all in working condition but the hard drive refuses
to work inside the case. The case light is on but the drive doesn't
spin up.

I believe that the PSU is not supplying the needed power to spin the
drive. The drive specifications state that it needs 1.55A, 12V to spin.
The PSU which comes with the case is rated at 1.5A 12V. For testing
I've connected the drive inside the case with the power coming from my
ATX PSU and it worked ok.

The PSU has dual output in a 6 pin din connector, +5V 1.5A and +12V

My questions are:

1. Can I Upgrade the PSU without a risk to the case, i.e. should a
higher output be of any consern? The higher output is needed to spin
the drive, according to the specifications operating current is below

2. Where could I get a compatible PSU with a higher output? Is it a
comodity item I could find in an elecronic componnent shop? Can I
canibalize such a PSU? I think I saw a simular PSU with a Lexmark
InkJet printer? Can anyone confirm?

3. Do all PSU with dual outputs of 5V and 12V in a 6 pin din connector
have the same standart pinouts?
I wouldn't want to plug it in only to have it put 12V into a 5V

Please Help,


Forgot to mention that this case worked fin with another drive, which
according to the specs takes less than 1.5A to spin, so the connection
of power to the HDD is working.

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