External mouse support on XP Tablet 2005



I have an HP tc4400 and want to use an external mouse - have tried USB and
bluetooth mice - both have a problem where they are installed by windows and
shown in the HID devices BUT they do not get recognised under mice and other
pointers. Have trie dthe same hardware on other XP prefessional PC's and all
is fine so the hardware is OK. Have installed all latest drivers BIOS etc...
from HP - no joy.

HP have given up - any clues? it feels like there is some conflict with the
tablet of synaptics mice.

R. McCarty

Does your Device Manager show a category "Other Devices" ?
Also Under Universal Serial Bus are there any instances shown
for "Unknown Device" ?


At last a helpful question!!! Used to HP just listing new drivers etc... to
install and asking if the device was compatible (it is an HP supplied mouse
for the PC!!!)

Anyway - there are no 'unknown' devices flagged. Base don your question I
checked every entry - the only potentially strange entry is under keyboards
where a 'HID keyboard device' is shown, however I suspect this is something
to do with the HP quick launch buttons (as described in the propertis for the

Appreciate your help

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