External monitor for laptop



This isn't really a windows XP question, but perhaps someone can steer me to
the right NewsGroup (or possibly answer my question?)

I use a laptop in a docking station, so that I am using an external
keyboard, mouse, and monitor. This morning when I turned it on, the
external monitor didn't come on. The monitors on light is lit, but there
is no picture. I seem to recall that there is one of the F-keys that can
be pushed for the big monitor. Does anyone know? Or, as I said, can you
tell me where I can ask this question?

R. McCarty

XP uses something called Hardware profiles. When docked, XP is
supposed to load & use the Docked profile so that video is sent to
the external monitor.

The monitor toggle Function key is used more in a configuration or
single hardware profile where you can switch video from the internal
monitor to an external one. ( No docking station or multiple profile ).

I would disconnect the video cable from the docking station and
connect directly to the VGA/Analog output socket on the notebook.
Then locate your Function toggle key and try switching video to the
external monitor. If it works then something with the Hardware profile
for dock may be corrupted.


Thank you so much for your reply. However, I didn't fully understand your
directions, so I called a man from our church who knows a fair amount about
computers. He said to hold down the Function key (when I found it! <S>)
and then press the F5. That worked!



I had replied to your message two days ago saying that I had (at least that
day) gotten this problem solved. However, the next day I had to repeat the
toggling process, and today it won't work at all. I re-read your message
and understood it a little better and connected the video cable directly to
the socket in the laptop. But this time, even toggling won't work. Two
days ago, the friend who advised me had suggested first unplugging the video
power and re-plugging before I did the toggling. I haven't yet done that
today (it's an effort climbing under a desk to do so, and I'm not feeling
very well), do you think that would help? Or do you have any suggestions
what else I could try? Thanks again.

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