External Harddrive desktop shortcut




I have an external USB hHello,

I have an external USB hardrive. each time I plug it, it is automatically
recognized by Windows Explorer with the name i gave it (superdrive smile.gif )
Now I want a shortcut automatically created and removed on my desktop each
time i plug and unplug it

How can I do that? I think I have to add a file to its root but I don't know




Ted Zieglar

I don't believe Windows supports autorun from a USB device.

What that means is that Windows will not automatically execute a script
when it senses a USB device. This is quite unlike a CD drive, from which
Windows will gladly execute autorun.inf. That's why U3 flash drives have
to emulate a CD drive.

So to put it briefly: You can't do what you want to do. I don't know
whether Vista will have this capability.

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