Extending the active partition in Window server 2003



Please assist.

I have a Windows server 2003 Standard edition running on a HP DL360.
I need to extend the primary partition. ( The C:\Drive and it is dynamic ) !
The Used space is 11.8 GB; total free space is 2.81 GB; Capacity is 14.6 GB.
I'm concerned that we may run out of space and this particurlar server is
hosting our Media Server for Backups and Sharepoint server.
I understand Diskpart.exe is a utilitiy that I could use, but it has
I know I would need to backup that partition and remove everything off of
the partition.

Please assist.

My email address is (e-mail address removed)
This is an urgent matter.
Any assistant you can provide would be appreciate.

Thank you,


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