ExportWord Built In Control


Bob Vaughn

I have an Access 2007 application that I distribute to customers in the
Runtime version. I have set up my ribbon to make available certain functions
while viewing a Print Preview. In that menu, I've included ExportWord to
export the report being viewed to MS-Word in the form of an RTF file. When
in the full version of Access, the functions appear in the menu and performs
as expected. When I create the Runtime version, that one function completely
disappears (not disabled, but gone). All the other Built In controls on the
menu appear and function as expected. The xml code for the one missing line
is as follows:

<control idMso="ExportWord" label="Export to Word" enabled="true"/>

Does anyone have any idea why this function disappears in the Runtime
version and how to make it available.

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Larry Linson

In previous versions, I have observed functionality that was not supported
by the runtime because it was deemed to be "development" activity, not
"production" or "runtime" activity. As a result, every client project I've
worked on (prime or subcontract) with Access has required that each user
have a full copy of Access (or, usually, Office Professional or better).

While I have not even tested the Access 2007 runtime, my suspicion is that
you have encountered something that Microsoft considers "development", or,
perhaps, an error that has not been corrected. As a first attempt at
determining the latter, search at the Microsoft site, and be sure you have
applied any Service Packs or hotfixes to the runtime -- the ones you have
installed or that have been automatically updated to your full version are
not necessarily automatically installed by Windows Update functions.

MVP Allen Browne maintains a list of known bugs at his site
http://allenbrowne.com/tips.html. That would be worth a look... although I'm
not aware he has a separate list of problems for the runtime.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP


Hmmm, you are quite correct, how very annoying for you.

Looks like you'll have to create a custom button. The minimal ribbon XML
would be something like this:

<button_id="btnExportRTF" label="Export to Word" onAction="ButtonAction">

And the code like this:

Sub ButtonAction(ctl As IRibbonControl)

Select Case ctl.id
Case "btnExportRTF"
RunCommand acCmdExportRTF
End Select

End Sub

Seems to work OK if you do it like this.

I've been happily deploying the Access runtime for years, but there is a
serious problem with the Access 2007 runtime. If the user has an earlier
version of Access installed (and uses it), then as well as the usual file
association problems that occur when switching between Access versions, you
have the additional problem that the "installation" which runs automatically
when you switch from an earlier version to A2007 is painfully slow. It's
better with SP1, but still very slow.

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