Exporting Outlook Email Accounts



A long time ago (Outlook 2000), you used to be able to export (from the
Files/Import and Export... menu) all your Email Account settings.

I am wanting to rebuild my PC and I have Outlook 2003 and can see the option
to import details, but not to export! Where have they gone?

These settings include alll the details with regard to POP/SMTP/IMAP
servers, Send/Receive Settings and Max Download sizes and more.

When I have over 30 email "accounts" on several "profiles" loaded I really
would like a simple way of backing up this information. There are profiles
that contain "Exchange" accounts also.

For those of you who wish to reply, please don't waste time discussing PST
files as these only contain Outlook "data items" such as contacts,
appointments, and emails. They do not and are not capable of storing

I see also on some previous threads that there is a "Save Settings Wizard".
Will this really save my multiple profiles and individual account settings
inside each profile, or am I just dreaming. Besides, I am unable to locate
this feature as yet on my PC (Win XP Pro SP2, Outlook 2003).

Could I copy all the files from within my windows user directories...
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\
<email profile name>.nk2
<email profile name>.xml
<email profile name>.srs


C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application
several *.oab files

If anybody could describe the reason for each of the files in these
directories and whether or not these have my settings in them, or where the
old export email account settings has gone to, I would appreciate that.



Vince Averello [MVP-Outlook]

The wizards should work on multiple MAPI profiles under one login. It did

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