Exporting Charts


Jerry Black

You can save the chart as a gif or jpg file. I use the
following code to do this.

DoCmd.OpenForm "FormName"
RD__Time_Delay 2000 ' Allow some time for the
chart to display properly

' If the filename ends with .gif a gif is created
' if it ends with .jpg a jpg is created
' Its like magic!

' TheChart is the name of my chart object
With Screen.ActiveForm!TheChart

' You have to do a copy/delete/paste
' or else the object server hangs up

.Action = acOLECopy
.Object.Export Filename
.Action = acOLEDelete
.Action = acOLEPaste
End With

DoCmd.Close acForm, "FormName"

My Time_Delay function just calls DoEvents the specified
number of times to create a delay.

Hope this helps.


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