Exporting BCM Accounts for use in Access



Hi everyone
I want to export my contacts to use in an Access database. I have tried
using CSV but address field is causing problems because of the outlook
"Address Block". BCM does seperate some of the address into seperate fields
but the first two lines of the address are joined into one field (e.g. 25
Main Street London - instead of 25 Main Street, London).

BCM must know there are really two fields here because in the Account List
View it puts commas between all the lines of the address (these are not
commas that I have inputted manually).

How can I get it to export to a format that seperates each address line into
a seperate field?





Hi again

I sthould have said that I've tried importing the Accounts to Access
directly from Outlook but more or less the same thing happens; the various
lines of the address are imported as one field.


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