Exporter le carnet d'adresses d'Outlook Express à Windows Mail



Je suis équipé :
- un portable Windows XP + Outlook Express 6
- un PC Bureau (nouveau) sous Vista Version intégrale + Windows mail

J'ai déjà exporté et sauvegardé mes dossiers de messagerie et mon carnet
d'adresses d'Outlook Express dans 2 dossiers distincts de "Mes Documents"
sous Vista:
- Ficher CSV Microsoft Office Excel pour les adresses
- Fichier .dbx pour les dossiers de messagerie.

A partir de ce stade, impossible de les importer depuis Windows Mail ???
Comment faire

Merci de votre aide






Si je vous comprends correctement, vous voulez importer des adresses et des
boîtes de courrier. Ici, en Anglais:

1. Go to Outlook Express > File > Export > Address Book and select Comma
Separated Values (CSV) > Export, select the fields you want or, for more
safety, select all the fields and save it to an external device.
2. In Vista’s Windows Mail go to File > Import > Windows Contacts, select
CSV > Import and browse to the file you exported from Outlook Express.

1. Go to Outlook Express > Tools > Maintenance Tab > Store Folder.
2. Make a note of its location and navigate to it. If you haven't moved it,
it's here C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application
Data\Identities\{long name}\Microsoft\Outlook Express. You may have to show
'hidden' files in Folder Options to see it. Close Outlook Express.
3. Copy the whole folder (not just the .dbx files) to an external source.
Remove any ‘Read only’ attributes via right-click > Properties.
4. In Vista’s Windows Mail go to File > Import > Messages > OE6 > Next >
Import Mail and follow the wizard to import your mail boxes from the exported
folder you made earlier.
5. Once these are imported, a sub-folder named Imported Folder is created
for each one imported. Go to it and drag the messages to the proper boxes.

As an alternative to 2 above, you could move the mail boxes to an
‘easier-to-get-at’ location, i.e. Open My Documents and create a folder named
Mail Boxes. Now go to Outlook Express > Tools > Maintenance Tab > Store
Folder > Change and type the location of the new folder, e.g. My Docs\Mail
Boxes. Close Outlook Express. The store location is now easier to navigate to
and it is not hidden.

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