Export Table as a csv file



I want to create a subroutine that will export an Access 2003 table as a csv
file with a specific filename made up of a fixed number and then the current
date. I have tried some code that I found on this newsgroup but with very
limited knowledge I have been unsuccessful. Why a subroutine and not just
File, Export? I want to give the user a Desktop Icon that opens the dB, does
its thing, then exports the results as a csv file, and then closes itself.
Everything aspect works fine except the creations and exporting of the table
as a csv file.

Help would greatly be appreciated.

Also, would it be possible to create the csv file in access 2003 and then
have access email it using Outlook 2003 instead of exporting it?

Thank You so much.


Use the TransferText method if you are using VBA or the action if you are
using a macro. Post the code you are trying to use. Maybe it just needs
some tweeking.
You could do the E-mail, but you would first have to create the .csv file
then attach it to your E-mail.

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