Export of Contact Groups



Dear Sirs,
I have several Contact Groups in Windows Mail (Vista).
I want to be able to export each group seperately for import in e.g Outlook
or Outlook Express.

Similarly I want to export all my contact persons and include the Group.
How do I do that?

When I imported the contact persons from Outlook Express, I used a wab-file,
I think. It worked fine, and all the contact groups (mailing lists) was

Hope someone can help me out.

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Could I in some way see, if the suggestion is supported?
I have for some years found the export by way of a wab-file in Outlook
Express very helpfull in my work; e.g. when placing a wabfile containing a
contact group in a restricted area (by way of htacces) I could let a
colleague import it and replace me in case of my being unable to do my job.
I feel somewhat let down after discovering that this facility was left out
in Windows Mail.

Gary VanderMolen

The export/import process does not support groups.
All you can do is export the contacts as a CSV file, import that into
Excel, do your filtering and manipulation in Excel, then save what you
want as a new CSV file.


That is exactly my point; it worked nice and easy in Outlook Express but that
facility is left out in its successor, Windows Mail.
I do really hope that this will be corrected soon.
If not, I will have to consider going back to OE.
I have not found the CSV file helpfull as to my needs.


If you want to go back to OE, you'll also have to go back to an older
version of Windows since OE won't run under Vista.

Windows Mail isn't likely to get many improvements in the form of
updates since Microsoft is putting most of its email effort into a new
email program, Windows Live Mail:


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