Export in Access 97 to Excel Question



Hello all,

I am trying to export data from a report in Access97 to Excel97 using the
Analyze with Excel option in Access. When the data is exported to Excel it
seems to be limiting the number of characters to 255 no matter what I try in
the cell formatting. Is there a trick to getting all of my data to show in
the cell? Please help?!?!




Joe Fallon

Yes there is a trick!

You can't use Analyze with Excel.

You have to use TransferSpreadsheet instead.
This function can be called in VBA code and takes a few parameters.
I think A97 and older had the same truncation issue - or maybe it was fixed
in A97 with a SP.
I can't recall.

But A2000 and newer should work fine to export Memo data.

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