Export Account Settings in Outlook 2007


Dan Cyr

I know this post is old, BUT:

I have just confirmed this works with EXCHANGE accounts!

Export the registry key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\PROFILENAME

Thanks for the help!




Roady [MVP]

That only works if all the paths and locations (including username) stay
EXACTLY the same. Even then, it is still quite likely to end up with a
corruption in the mail profile of some sort.



Thank You Galen was way out of line. In addition I will add he did not give
any detailed instructions as to how to go about using the api's etc. I only
come to these pages due to the insentive replies to shout outs for help.

I am tired of hearing how well and how good MS is when they can not even
supply an operatins systemt that lasts more then two years and is backwards
compatible. An Operating system should be just that an operating system. I am
so tired of having to buy new software because it will not run my older
software. I should go by a used IBM mainframe that would run my programs from
50 years ago. HA.

When a **** answers a post like that you know they dont care about answering
the question. I thank you for your post to his because even in mine, which is
not as nice as yours, am holding back quite a bit.

So for all of you out there that can not offer a solution with easy
instructions on how, please just dont answer. Go on your merry way of being
better then everyone else.


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