Export Access Table and format it in Excel



I have an MsAccess Table that i exported to Excel, now i have the file open,
but need to format de file dependig on other data i have in a table, can
anybody tell me how i can take control on this excel object.

Dim XlsArch As Excel.Workbooks

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, StrName, acFormatXLS, "D:\Piezas\" &
TxtNoParte & ".xls", True
Set XlsArch = ???? (i have to set the object, but how i should set it)

Thanks for your support.


sounds like the you need to write an Excel macro (or VBA sub) that works in
xl after the doc gets there.

(I did that in Word once)


How about recording a macro while you perform the steps within Excel, then
viewing the VBA code generated in the macro and using that code as an example
to generate your procedure within Access?

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