Explorer Multiple Windows?



I am no longer able to have multiple Explorer windows open. When I click the
Explorer icon, instead of opening a new window it now replaces the site I was
on with my home page. What do I need to do to change this?



Jan Il

Hi Worth McL :)

You don't mention the version of Windows you are using, which really is a
must when asking for help in the newsgroups, but, try the following as it
may apply to your OS and see if it helps:

Clearing the Temporary Internet Cache -
Safely Delete the Temporary Internet Files

If you have any 3rd party toolbars such as Google, MSN or Yahoo, disable
them. If you have Yahoo Companion, uninstall it, it is known to cause this
and other problems. If you have any 3rd party software, popup or ad
blockers, disable them.

Go to Tools>Internet Options> Advanced tab
UNcheck "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts"
Click Apply
Close IE and reopen then see if the problem still exists


How to open Multiple Browser Windows

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
MS MVP - Windows IE/OE [DTS/AumHa]
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