Explorer has generated errors


Munson McKinney

Running Windows 2000 when one upgrades to IE6.0 (SP1),
Windows Explorer will crash with the following error:
explorer has generated errors etc. Windows explorer
becomes unusable.

The only solution appears to be unloading IE6.0, however
IE5.5 is no longer available at Microsoft and IE5.0 that
comes witn WIN2K is rapidly becoming inadequate at most
websites that use Java.

Help, I'm stuck between a rock and a Microsoft enigma.
I've done tons of reseach on this problam and have not
been able to find a realistic solution. Microsoft says
that there is a service that is incompatible with
IE6.0 ... which service would that be? I'm the company
IT tech and have this problem on a lot of Win2K systems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Munson McKinney
Vancouver BC Canada


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