explorer.exe runs wild...



On an HP HDX 16 laptop Vista 64 Ultimate...

Occasionally, I notice a slowdown in things... Stuff has trouble opening,
etc. Often right after startup. I go into taskmanager to see what's
running, and explorer.exe is running at ~40-50% processor capacity (both
cores). No network activity, some occasional disk writing. What's it
doing? Is this an indication of windows search indexing going on? Keeps on
doing that for a long time (indefinitely, as far as I can tell I let it run
for a half hour, no sign of let-up) until I kill it and restart it (by new

Any clues on what might be causing this? I have a few other problems w/same
laptop - sidebar won't stay on after a restart, any gadgets I pull out of
the sidebar onto the desktop don't stay either.



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