Expanding knowledge of Group Policy




Where can I get a good reference to start learning more
practises and procedures to group policy? It has been a
while since I have played with it in college, and now I
have windows 2003 boxes, but I have not applied group
policy settings to them, so I would like to start putting
more features/restrictions on them.


Mark Renoden [MSFT]

Hi Jordan

Windows Help is a good resource. The following might be useful to you also:


There's plenty on the Microsoft web site too.

Kind regards
Mark Renoden [MSFT]
Windows Platform Support Team
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Steven L Umbach

See the Windows 2003 Deployment Kit. You can download the whole thing or
individual chapters. In particular see the section on "Designing a Managed
Environment" in the link below. Make sure you install the Group Policy
Management Console right away as it is a whole lot better than the old way
used in W2K. The Windows 2003 Security Guide is a must read in my opinion
also, much of which is based on using Group Policy and security
emplates.. --- Steve

-- Windows 2003 Security Guide.

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