execute .acsup script from VBA macro


Matthew Dyer

Good Morning Guys! and Thank You in advance for your help. Here's my

I have a macro that runs through a list of .txt files created from a
avaya cms script. What i would like to do is to only have to run the
macro and have the macro run the script then run through the data
instead of having to first run the script and THEN run the macro.

I've found that just double-clicking on the script will allow it to
run without any issue, so i don't need to specifically run it via the
cms menus.

How can i execute a file (like double clicking on it) via VBA?

Matthew Dyer

See Shell Function in VBA help.

Gord Dibben    Microsoft Excel MVP

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Got it! it took some extra steps though. I had to create a batch file
that pointed to my cms script and call the batch file with the shell
function instead of calling the cms script directly.

I have another question though and hope you can provide some

The CMS Script is coded in VB Script, and of course my macro is coded
in VBA. There are similar variables that I would use in both the macro
and in the cms script. If I declare these as public in the Macro,
would they be accessable in the CMS Script? Vice Versa?
Apr 11, 2020
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hey team,
can you help me to create a code to select a especific server?
I use a shell funtion but I have more than 2 avaya cms at same time and appear a box to select the server

thanks in advance

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