Exclusive use database



Hi, I have an application that is split FE and BE. I want to programmatically
change the table structure via the FE. However, this will require that the
user running the update procedure has opened the BE exclusively.

What I want is to have the logon form check that the user has exclusive use
of the BE database. If not, then notify the user and close the FE, otherwise
update the table structure......

How can I test that the FE has opened the BE exclusively?

Is it possible to know how many FE are open and linked to the BE?

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated :)

Many thanks
Jonathan Parminter

Tim Ferguson

Is it possible to know how many FE are open and linked to the BE?

Read the .ldb file in the folder where the back end is. It will list
anybody with any kind of active link to the back end; this includes Access
users, VB, Excel, Word mail merges etc etc.

I think there is an LDB reader on the Microsoft site; alternatively try
googling this group for more details in previous threads.

Hope that helps

Tim F

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