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dear all

i am in a hotel and i had two e-mail accounts on the outlook 2003 one is
pop3 and the other is exchange mail account , the techincail support in the
hotel told me that i must change the outgoing mail server in my pop3 account
so i can send e-mails , the pop3 account worked but i could'nt work with my
exchange mail account.

what can possibly be the reason?



Exchange servers are generally not set up to be accessable over the internet,
like a pop3 server, you need to talk to the exchanger server admin.


Generally speaking with Exchange, if you're connected to a hotel's high speed
access you will likely not be able to even use VPN to access email because of
a protocol called NAT. You would have to dial into an ISP instead or directly
to your company and then try to access your Exchange email via Outlook. This
assumes of course that you do have remote access set up and allowed at your
company end (hence the reference to VPN which is commonly used).

As dlw mentioned, this is something to discuss with your Network and/or
Exchange administrator(s).

Kathleen Orland
Blessed are the cracked, for it is they who let in the light


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