Excessive paging



I've got a server that is running Terminal Services, about 20 users. It's a
dual processor 2Ghz, with 4 gig of memory. The page file is only set at 2
gig at this time. But I've noticed that my memory usage for the most part
stays at about 3% and yet my page swapping is at 80-95% at all times. Any
ideas on what would cause this?



You sure you have that much physical memory installed? You shouldn't be
paging that much, even with TS running full blast.

But, in any case, the settings for the page file are highly debated around
here. I personally like this routine for my settings:

1) in safe mode, delete the swap file(s) and defrag.
2) create a new swap file on the fastest drive you have, with the the
following parameters:

a) min: 2*physical RAM + 2MB
b) max: 4095MB

Do all this, and you'll have a nice large swap file that addresses all the
available memory addresses in the memory model, and it will be a contiguous
file with decent response time.


Yes, I was shocked too to see 4 gig of RAM installed too, and even more
shocked to see Windows isn't using any of it. I would normally have Virtual
memory set at 2x RAM too, but don't understand why it's not using the
Physical memory at all.

The machine is service packed. The only applications they are really
running are Great Plains client and Outlook 2000.

Any ideas why it's not using the Physical Memory instead?

Dec 30, 2011
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I have had similar issues and found out Server 2003 uses the paging file extensively when in Terminal Services mode. Initially when a program is loaded into memory only one copy for all users is loaded. If the program is only read from then only one copy will remain in memory. However, once the memory is changed for a particular user, a copy of the unadulterated loaded program is written to the page file, and the changed program is loaded into its own new section of memory. This occurs for all users.
This apparently cannot be turned off, however, there is some software out there that can assist. I am trying one called TScale. Haven't loaded yet, but i have high hopes. This program forces windows to write only one of the unadulteraded copies of the program to the page file for all users.
not sure if i got all the terminology right in this, but i think you get the idea.
The best you can do is try one of these programs and optimizing your page file by placing on its own disk and a proper size.

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