Exception when sending input to a wpf Page



I just started my first attempt at a WPF Navigation application. I created an
empty WPF application in which I replaced the default Window with a Page.
This page seems automatically to be hosted in a NavigationWindow. As long as
I interact with mouseclicks on buttons or with keyboard input in TextBoxes
all is well. However,when I click with the mouse on a blank space in the Page
or just press the enter key an exception is thrown: "De aangevraagde waarde
LINKS is niet gevonden." The message is in dutch and can either mean: "the
requested value LEFT has not been found", or "the requested value LINKS has
not been found."

I am at a total loss. What is happening?



Jie Wang [MSFT]

Hi Aner,

I've replied to your post on the MSDN Forum:

If you prefer we work on the problem here, please let me know.

Jie Wang

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