Excel2003 vs 2007 ... :(



Excel2003 vs 2007 ... I have many Templates, charts etc created in Excel2003
& many have Recorded Macro's attached to Forms Buttons ... These Temps work
perfect in Excel2003 ... I think they may also work in Excel2007??? However

Issue is ... some folks have Excel2003 (WindowsXP) while others who update
these Files have Windows7 (Excel2007) ... We often end up with File
corruption or Excel has encountered an error & must close ... etc etc ...
when attempting to work these Files between the 2 Office Systems & 2 Excels
.... very disenchanting.

We have used these Temps on a monthly basis since 2003 (WindowsXP
Excel2003)with absolutely no problem ... But now I am starting over to
recreate approx 80 Temps in an effort to get out of this mess ...

Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks ... Kha




Kha, the only thing that I would say is NEVER do an upgrade until it has been
tested thoroughly and exhaustively.


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