Excel Worksheet protection from viewing



Is there any way I can set a password for one excel sheet--not the workbook
but a specific worksheet--so that only people with the password can view it?

Thanks so much in advance for the help.



Gord Dibben

You can hide that one sheet then protect the workbook under
Tools>Protection>Protect Workbook.

Enter a password.

Be aware the Excel's internal sheet and book security is very weak and
passwords easily broken.

A little stronger would be to use VBA code to make the sheet xlveryhidden
then lock the VBA project from view.

Some esoteric shortcut key combo would make the sheet visible via code.

These passwords are harder to crack.....not much<g>

If you don't want people to see something in a workbook, don't include it in
the workbook.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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