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Hello, I have set up Double sided printing as the default on the server so
that all print jobs will be double-sided unless single sided printing is
requested. This is working fine.

I have one user, however, that regularly prints "Entire Workbook". When he
selects the "Entire Workbook" then sets the printer preferences for Single
sided printing, only the first page prints single-sided and all the rest of
the job is double sided.

Even after I control click on all the tabs in the workbook and set the page
setup options for the printer to single-sided - then return to the worksheets
separately - it defaults back to double-sided printing.

When I create a clean two page job in Word or Excel - it all works as
expected. But when choosing Entire Workbook it defaults back to whatever the
server printer driver is set to.

Is this a limitation of Excel?




Gord Dibben

Try selecting all sheets by right-click on first sheet tab and "Select all

Set to single-sided for the group of sheets.

Then File>Print>Active Sheet(s)

Any better?

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thanks Gord,

That looked really promising. Unfortunately, even after selecting all
sheets, configuring the page options to single-sided, then selecting all
sheets again, then printing active sheets - we still get the first page
single sided, the rest double-sided.

I think I will just have to create a single-sided printer on the print server.

However, I'm surprised that Excel cannot do this.



Have you tried changing it in the page setup? Also when the printer page pops
up, click the properties tab. I do this and have no problem changing what I
want to print. It could be the properties in the printer set up that you need
to change.




Thanks but the solution that finally worked for me was to create another
printer on the print server - with single sided printing. Then, when the
client wanted to print single sided "whole" workbooks, they would just print
to the single-sided printing.

Nothing I did in Excel worked.

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