Excel "text to columns needs" a menu-visible on/off switch



Here's the scenario which occurs still even in Office 2007 my company just
upgraded to. I paste a list of text items which I want to split into columns
using the 'Text-to-column' feature and base my split on a character such as
underscore. It works fine and I go on to do other things with my text using
VB scripts. Later I create another worksheet and copy some new text and Excel
automatically splits the text into columns if it contains the 'underscore'
text-to-column trigger character I used before. To prevent that I have to
type some random gibberish into a cell, activate text-to-columns, remove the
underscore as a trigger and click 'finish'. What a nuisance that is to
disable 'text-to-columns'. Then I go back and paste my new text data again
and it is fine. Please implement an on/off switch button for the
text-to-column feature to prevent these extra steps. Thanks.

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