excel spreadsheet 2003 wont show content when moved to another par

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chris Hobbs - MCP, MCDST, A+

i have backed all documents which included excel spreadsheets from c drive to
d drive (ANOTHER PARTITION). Now i cannot see the content of the spreadsheet
when i access it from the D drive or C drive.
what have i done to it?
It also wont open when itry to access it from backed up USB stick.
Thanks Chris

Paul C

I had a similar issue with some files. What happened was that somehow the
windows for the files got minimized or dragged out of view somehow (not sure
how this happened).

Users would open a file and see nothing.

This fixed it for me.

Goto the Window item on toolbar, Select Arrange and then select tiled.

If your file window somehow got moved to a non visible position, this will
get it back.

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