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Is there a size limit to Excel workbooks? My accounting
department is using Excel as an Accounting system and the
main workbook is 100MB. It is linked to several other
workbooks and some of those links do not exist anymore.
They have removed those link but everytime this user tries
to update her workbook with a new download file, after 30+
minutes her system says not responding.

Have they maxed out Excel?




Charles Williams

Hi Shannon,

100MB is large: probably time you switched to an accounting package.

There are limits to the amount of formulae and links etc you can have in an
excel workbook, but usually when you reach these you get an out-of-memory
message, rather than not responding.
see http://www.decisionmodels.com/memlimits.htm for details

If you have a lot of data in the workbook it may be time you cchecked the
used-ranges: for each sheet press Ctrl/End. This shows you where Excel
thinks the last cell is: if this is not where you think it should be you
should delete all the columns to the right of the real last cell, and all
the rows below the real last cell, save the workbook under a new name, close
excel and reopen it.

Decision Models
The Excel Calculation Site

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