Excel Personal.xlsb file shows up all the time with new spreadsheets


Tony O

I am using Excel 2007. I wrote a vba macro for just my computer. Now
when I open a new file,
the title in the title bar is "personal.xlsb". How do I go back to
having "sheet1, sheet2, and sheet 3" as the
three tabs in the bottom, instead of being called "personal.xlsb".
Please advise.

Gord Dibben

When you wrote the macro you stored it in Personal Macro Workbook.

This workbook opens with Excel and is useful so your macros are
available for all open workbooks.

Hide Personal.xlsb under View>Hide then close Excel............you
will be asked if you want to save changes to
Personal.xlsb..........YES you do want to save.

From now on it will open hidden but your macros will be available
under View>Macros

More info in Help on this subject.


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