Excel Opens Two Workbooks at Once



Hello, I recently upgraded my Office xp to Office 2003. However, after
learning that an application at work (Hyperion Essbase 6.5.5) was not
compatible with Office 2003, I had to revert back to Office xp. Ever since,
when I open an Excel file, it opens the file I am trying to open and a blank

I found on a different site that I should search my computer for a folder
named "XLStart" and look for a file named "Book 1", but there was nothing in
that folder. Additionally, the help suggested to go to
Tools>Options>General> and look at the "At startup open files in" and clear
it. That too was already blank.

That brings me to the deadend I am faced with. can anyone help me figure
out how to stop a blank workbook from opening each time I open an Excel file?

Thank you!


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