Excel not calculating formulas



* Problem occurs in Office 2000/3

We have some excel files that will not automatically calculate formulas.
The option for automatic or manual calculations is set to automatic.

We have read other posts about Excel having a "trap" where it takes the
calculation option (auto/manual) from the first file that is open. Then
applies that to subsequent files that are opened after it. We have not been
able to verify this in our tests.

We have went through all of our excel files on our systems and none of our
files have the manual setting.

The only way to get calculations to work is to close the file and reopen the
file. Upon reopening of the file, the formulas update/calculate.

The problem is on many machines. Reinstallation of Office itself has not
resolved the problem. Applying the latest patches has not resolved the

Looking for some help. It would greatly be appreciated. This drives our
users crazy.

Thank you!


The cells are probably formatted as Text. Right-click those pesky cells,
click Format Cells, and click General and the click 'OK'. You may have to
click the cell again, and hit enter to commit the change.

Try it and see if it helps.

Good luck,


This has been solved or at least better understood as to why this is happening.

Based on the information found here:

We better understand what is happening. We had already went through all of
our files to verify they were set to automatic. We deduce that we must be
receiving files from our customers and/or vendors that might have the manual
setting enabled, thereby following the information in the Microsoft KB, this
could explain why we experience this "feature."

I hope this helps others as well.


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