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May 27, 2011
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I have few questions concerning excel macro vba programming...

1- How can i clear all the text in checkboxes ?? for example i have like 20 checkboxes with "Check box" as text ... I want to only show the square of the checkbox without having any text...i found a way :
Dim clear As Shape
For Each clear In ActiveSheet.Shapes
clear.TextFrame.Characters.Caption = ""

With the for i=0 to 20 of course but this removes the text of the buttons i have too in the sheet....i only want it for checkbox or maybe for the checkboxes in 1 row only....
I even tried :
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Check Box i").Select
Selection.Characters.Text = ""
but i dont want it for 1 checkbox only....im lost
any idea??

Thank u!

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