Excel Macro to Compare two Columns and write to a third




I need to write an Excel Macro that will compare 2 columns of information to
a look up table. So the macro will get the values from Cell E1 and F1 and
look them up in a look up table and if it matches a condition insert a number
into a third column like G1. The macro will go throw all the cells in each
column, for example E1&F2, E2 & F2, E3 & F3, E4 & F4

This is the Look Up table, there are 13 cases all together, and by column# i
mean E1 & F1 & G1, or E3 & F3 & G3
if ( column1 = "cat" & column2 = "on", then column3=1)
if (column1 = "dog" & column2 = "on", then column3 = 2)
if(column1 = "sam" and column2 = "on", then column3 = 3)
else column3 = 0


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Bernie Deitrick


Make a table with your 13 cases, with the values required in the second column (the 1,2, 3 etc),
creating the first column of the table with values like

cat on
dog on

and then use the formula

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(E1& " " & F1,TableAddress,2,False)),0, VLOOKUP(E1& " " &

MS Excel MVP

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