Excel is stripping off quotation marks from .csv files if



Need to import .csv files into a application with quotes around the values in
a field.
Excel is stripping off quotation marks from .csv files if the field contains
a number.
Have a .csv file that is exported. Each field is comma separated and has
quotation marks around the value in the field. Example

"Jerry","Smith","10 10th Street","New City", 'New State" ,"97744"

If I open the file in Excel it removes the quotes from 10 10th Stree and
97744 and I cannot import them. Is there a setting or .vbs script I can run
to make sure all the fields have quotation marks?


Re-name the file to .txt

When you open the file, Excel will start the Import Wizard. Tell the Wizard
that the field as yrxt and it will leave the quotes alone.


is htere a way to add quotation marks to .csv files opened excel after they
have been stripped out or if the files never had them, but we need to import
that data into our application?



I am not very familiar with Excel but in the wizard I cannot find anywhere I
would tell Excel the format was yrxt, can you give me more details?


I think that was a typo and should have been text. It's in the third
panel, once you have told excel where to start from and what the
delimiters are, it divides the file up (you can see the first few rows)
and you can highlight a column and click the text button (or date, or
skip - default is general).

Hope this helps.


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