Excel Imports/Exports with Access 97



Our company standard is Access 97. The version that I am running does not
allow me to Import/Export Excel files. Any ideas how I can fix this problem?



John Nurick

Hi Richard,

This usually does the trick:

If none of the import/export wizards work at all, re-register

If it's one or more file formats that aren't listed, re-register the
following files
msexcl40.dll (Excel)
msxbse40.dll (dBase)
mspdox40.dll (Paradox)
mstext40.dll (Text, CSV, tab-delimited))
In Access 97, the filenames contain 35 instead of 40.

To re-register a DLL file,
1) Locate it (usually all these are in the Windows\System32 or
WINNT\System32 folder.
2) Locate the file regsvr32.exe.
3) Drag the DLL file's icon onto the regsvr32.exe icon.

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