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Scott VanDelinder

We have excel workbooks with sheets that contain hyperlinks to other sheets
within the workbook. We have these workbooks saved to a WSS 3.0 site. When
using Excel 2007 to edit one of these workbooks we use the local sharepoint
drafts folder. However this causes the hyperlinks to think they need to
reopen the document from the WSS site, rather than just navigate to another
sheet. When we disable use of the local sharepoint drafts location the links
work as expected. Is there another way to do this so the links work without
re-opening the document, but allow use of the sharepoint drafts location? Any
help is greatly appreciated.





Peter Cummuskey

For some reason, this solution didn't work for me, so I put together
formula that when used in conjunction with the HYPERLINK formul
sidesteps the issue quite well.


Define the formula as DocLocation and specify hyperlinks as:

=HYPERLINK(CONCAT(DocLocation, "Sheet2!A1"), "Go to Sheet 2")

Emulating relative links like this isn't ideal, but it gets the jo
done if nothing else works, and doesn't rely on macros

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