Excel help needed! Over my head!



Hoping someone can help me out, would be much appreciated. Here is
what I am trying to do:

I have several spreadsheets, each with 46,000 rows of data. I need to
analyze it in a couple of different ways. I am very strong with Excel,
but some of these formulas I need are blowing me away a bit. Hopefully
an expert on here can help me out! Would appreciate it very much!

1. Is there a way (possibly in MS Access, if not Excel?) to compare
two individual tables or sheets, and have a resulting table showing a
list of every row of data where a change occured in one or more cells?
My example is I have a table of data from Jan 1, and one from Apr 1,
and I need to find where changes have been made between the two dates,
in any one of the 50+ columns. I have tried using the "find unmatched
query wizard" in Access, but that will only find me the lines of data
where there is no match between sheet A and B for the "matching field"
I select. I want to have a query or search run that returns every line
where information was added or modified, between sheet A and B.

And then further to this, and this might be making it too complicated,
I don't know... is there a way to get a count of the number of changes
by "groupings" (i.e. if there are 400 rows for city A, 500 rows for
city B, 300 rows for city C, and 500 rows for city D, and there were a
total of 75 rows where data was changed between the Jan 1 and Apr 1
sheets, can I run a count to see how many of the 75 rows were city A
vs city B vs city C vs City D?

2. Counting blank cells: I need to be able to make a chart in Tab A
showing City A, B, C, and D, counting the total number of blank cells
in Col E, Col F, and Col G (all three columns counted separately) in
Tab B, for each of City A, B, C, and D (Tab B is a huge database list
of unsorted data, with rows of data for each City). What is the
formula for this?

Thank you very much to anyone who can help me with this. Much, much
appreciated. I will monitor this group all day for any replies, so if
you need more information, or have any quesitons, please let me know.




Bernie Deitrick

I have replied to this message in the .programming group, so look there for it, if you are
interested in following this thread.

MS Excel MVP

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