Excel Help: Keeping Data


John Shepard

Using a spreadsheet book I am using multiple tabs. In one tab I have a drop
down list of "Customers", "Sales Price", "Quantity" and "Products." I have
another tab that has "if" & "and" functions that test to see what
"Customers", "Sales Price", "Quantity" and "Products" are being referred to.

What I want to do is have Excel record the data when I am referring to a
specific customer/product/price/quantity, but when I pick a new customer from
the drop down list I want the data for previous customer to remain. As of now
when I choose one customer the other customers data turns to "False" given
the if & and functions. How can I have the data change only when I refer to
it via the drop down list and not change when I am not referring to it in the
drop down list.



Otto Moehrbach

That second paragraph ties the reader's brain in a knot. Give an
example of what you want by citing cells and providing info on what you want
to see in each cell. Clearly state what cells have formulas in them and
which don't, and clearly state which cells are dependent cells in which
formulas. Also what cell has the drop-down. HTH Otto

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