Excel function to convert month-day-year to mm/dd/yyyy



I have an excel formula question. I need to do the following and I am unsure
how to do it. I have three columns that represent a birthday, in column one
I have the month spelled out, in column two I have the date of birth and in
the third column I have the year. In the forth column that I will create, I
need to have the date of birth together as such mm/dd/yyyy. Unfortunately
there are thousands of entries this way and I want to find one simple
function that can convert these entries into one item. If you have the
solution please let me know. Thank you so much.

Mike H


assuming the following
A1 January
B1 28
C1 2008



If you put this in d1 and double click the fill handle it will fill down as
far as there are data in column C



if u have month in A1, Days in B1 and Year in C1
one way to do it would be.
=A1&" "&B1", "&C1
but this will give you this format.
January 20, 2008

Rick Rothstein

Thanks. If you liked that one, then you will probably like this more compact
version which I just came up with...


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