Excel formula for expense report



Hi, I'm new to this but I'm getting fraustrated. I need to figure out how to
create a formula in one cell that looks up a date and a set of characters to
give me a value. Example: In sheet one I have a expense report template,
sheet two is my input data sheet. the template has in column A the
expense(air fare ect.) and In row 14 the date. On the data page I have the
dates in column A and the Expenses in row 8. How can I create a formula that
looks at both the date & the expense and finds the corresponding data on
sheet two(the data sheet). been trying V & Hlookup formulas with no luck. I
can get a value for the expense but not by using the date.
=HLOOKUP(A15,'Entry Sheet'!A8:Q114,2,FALSE) A15 is the expense, entry sheet
is data sheet, 2 is the row.

Please help!!! I'm starting to feel stupid:)


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